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Happy to live with anyone


My home of 30 years burned down last year and everything I owned went with it, I filed for divorce just before that and now I find out my wife committed fraud and I had to sell the , I'm self employed and work everyday Monday through Friday, I will need a place for at least a year maybe two years, I get along with just about everybody I'm against violence and I don't like bullies, I was into motorcycles and cars but they went up in the fire also so I'm pretty much don't have very much the hall but I need a place to live to sleep and eat and the park my car, I like to listen to music oh, I have built Motorcycles, Cars, boats and dune buggies, but now I'm ready to relax and take it a little bit easier, I have good manners and I know right from wrong. I grew up in Fullerton California.

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Posted on 14 September 2021