Ideal roommates

Happy to live with anyone


Hello, my name is Jim, I'm a non-smoker, no drugs, very clean, very quiet, respectful of others' feelings and privacy.

I need to rent a furnished or unfurnished room, all utilities and cable/WIFI included for $500 a month, for my two well-behaved house-trained indoor/outdoor cats and myself.

I'm on SS, so your money is guaranteed.

We're in the Stone Mountain 30083 area now, but not tied to it.

The kitties are indoor/outdoor cats and I'm a "Tree Nut", so a house with a yard would be great.

Cassie Anne is a sweet little black and white girl cat 2-3 years old.

I can't decide if she looks more like Elsie The Cow or a Dalmatian, but she's got the coolest blend of spots.

The "Little Wrat" is a 21-23 year old Tabby (that translates into 100+, in people years) who is blind in one eye and content with just hanging out, being loved on and living to experience yet another day's "Cheese Time".

Besides a Tree Nut, I'm a bit of a health nut and make most of my own food.

I'm VERY clean, especially with the kitchen and bath.

I'm OK with people who want to socialize, keep to themselves or somewhere in between; age, race, sexual orientation and personal political views make no difference to me - I'll respect your idiosyncrasies and simply expect the same in return.

I'm happy to live with anyone, to the exclusion of those who hate and don't know how to think - meaning no dumb, racist homophobic rednecks with three brain cells and four green teeth! ;)

Not a huge partier anymore; me and the kitties are more into a calm and relaxed existence such that revolves around (red wine and) "Cheese Time" in the evenings .

If you are clean, honest and someone who cares about the planet and all others who inhabit it, we'll probably get along just fine! :)

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Posted on 16 May 2019