Ideal roommates

Happy to live with anyone



I’m currently living in the Inner Sunset and my lease will be ending July 30th.

It’s important you know I’m LGBTQ+, very easy going, and introverted.

I have a dog named Wiley. He is 35lbs/medium sized, mixed breed, sort of looks like a coyote and a husky put together. He is extremely well behaved when left home alone. Doesn’t chew on things, and is house trained. You will inevitably end up forming a bond with Wiley, or vise versa. He has a big heart and loves everyone (human) he meets. If you have another dog we will have to let them meet in an open space off leash first before moving forward. He can be hit or miss with other dogs. No cats :(

For work I do a mix of things. My main income comes from a custodial position/front desk position at a CrossFit gym in the Presidio and Lyft driving. I also walk dogs on the side.

My free time is spent training for gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, and CrossFit. I try to get out and do social stuff but keep myself pretty busy with working and training.

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Posted on 11 July 2019