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Hello, my name is Julius. I work as a full time cook in North Park, and I love to cook at home. On my days off, I either keep to myself in my room with my two cats, go out to perform stand up comedy, or make my way to a local music show. However, I'm up for most activities. I'm pretty easy going, and make it a point to clean up after myself in common spaces. I'm an avid reader, and I have a bookshelf that's taller than I am. I'm also a huge fan of museums, and just general scholastic nerd stuff.

What I can offer as a roommate: Two affectionate, but non overbearing cats who are pretty good company. Food, I'm good at cooking, and I wash my dishes. I tell jokes, and I'm pretty easy to get along with. I'm not a passive aggressive type, and am very good at talking out my problems with people. I'm good company for going out, and staying in. I'm sure there's other stuff too, but we can figure that out later. Thanks for reading this.

- Julius.

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Posted on 6 August 2019