About the room

  • House
  • 5 bedrooms total
  • 2 bedrooms available (Single Room)
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 0 months minimum stay
  • Available now
  • Garden
  • Parking

Who lives there

3 mixed gender, from 30 to 50 years old, mixed, non smokers

Ideal roommates

Everyone welcome

Room description

**Vibes and residents**: We are non-dogmatic and welcome people of different beliefs, provided they are open minded to the choices of others.

Kathy “Stonesinger” : a she/her in her 50’s who is a therapist and writer, shamanically and artistically inclined. Dog Mom to 12 month-old 27 pound Faedy.

Matt : a he/him in his early 50’s who is an artist, IT guy, paralegal, and a Stonesinger partner.

Kathy and Matt are members of Agape Bay Area.

Sylvia: a she/they who is professional artist, shamanic practitioner, and dog Mom to Lucien who is 25 pounds and 3 years old.

**Common interests**: Spirituality, art, dance.

**Utilities and other costs**:PG&E bill

**Pet policy**: New pets are welcome.

**More about pets**: If you are a pet parent: we have 2 dogs. One is a service dog. The second dog is female and loves to play with everybody including children. Your dog would need to be well trained and get along well with other dogs.

In terms of cats: A cat who will run away from the dogs, would probably get chased a lot. So, a bad a$$ kitty who can stand their ground is better.

**Details about logistics and neighborhood**: A safe and quiet street.

We are already part of the neighborhood watch and are planning a block party in the next few months.

**Philosophy**: Our vision:

- To live in this large house that has SOUL.

- To create a sanctuary of fun and peace with 2-3 dogs and perhaps a brave cat or two.

- To create a sanctuary for people of different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and genders with spirituality that represents anything oriented toward love, consciousness, and acts of service in the world.

- To create a group that becomes something greater than the sum of its parts. A group of people with commitment to each other and commitment to being the change.

- To live in a space that is life affirming and consciousness affirming. A little medicinal plant use is okay and very minimal alcohol if any.

- To live in a space that honors life and vitality and peaceful, proactive communication.

**Other details**: Intentional community expanding!

Are you looking for a house that’s also a Home?

A place where you have more than just a room but people who care about you and how you’re doing?

Ideally, we seek someone of a spiritual inclination.

"Spiritual" can mean someone who enjoys being in nature and feeling some awe and engages with life beyond just the mind, or someone who follows and practices a belief system that is empowering for them. We are non-dogmatic and welcome people of different beliefs, provided they are open minded to the choices of others.

We have space for two new long-term community members. We can accommodate a bed for one of the members. We have two rooms upstairs open that are 15.7x13 and 15x12 unfurnished. We are offering a sliding scale based on the number of occupants for $1000-$1500 rent monthly. We are committed to working with each other in harmony to meet our financial obligations.

People who identify as: BIPOC, LGBTQIA, differently abled, all genders please join us! We are going for Spiritual diversity, ethnic diversity, age diversity, body diversity.

We meet once a week to share stories, laugh, and plan.

If you are interested in joining us, please respond with a bit about yourself and what attracts you to this community. If you are just looking for a room, please move on to the next ad.

Please say a bit about yourself in your reply and say something specific about the ad so we know you actually read it.

Listing ID: H23090273026108

Posted on 2 September 2023