Ideal roommates

Happy to live with anyone



I am looking for a private room and bathroom. If the bathroom is shared that is fine. I am an Ex Chef and work for myself. I am quiet, clean, neat, and considerate and stay to myself.

I also bring home extras for good roommates like dessert, chocolate, fresh fruit, milk, espresso machine, pancake mix, waffle mix, etc.

Looking to move in room ASAP.

I am respectful and considerate

I am clean and neat and help with cleaning

I am smart, friendly and open minded and have common sense

I stay to myself and do not cook at all except to make protein shakes or microwave to heat food.

I Do Not do drugs or smokes nor parties

I am considerate to roommates sleeping schedule

I do have a changing schedule due to how much work I have and will come in all hours, but I am very quiet and considerate when others are sleeping.

I also have no friends coming over to hang out, I also have no girlfriend at the present time. I am concentrating on expanding my business right now.


Listing ID: L1908132937188

Posted on 13 August 2019