Ideal roommates

Happy to live with anyone


For September 2019

looking for one roommate or two. Ladies only :-). To search for a

Townhouse. Searching for Dania, Hollywood, Hallandale area.

Between A1A and 95. Live here now and love it. Just want more bang for my buck.

I'm a high school teacher finishing my masters.

I am :

1. Quiet, but like to play my music from time to time.

2. Used to living with roommates, considerate.

3. Clean, but not obsessive. Very busy so yes, a dish/pot may sit in the sink for a night.

4. I am not a type A personality. I need to be comfortable. I don't expect my things to never be touched, just never to be finished, or replaced 5 days later. If something is used, or finished, replace it the same day. I hold myself to same standard.

5. I mind my business. I don't judge or offer opinions when unsolicited. I do however, wish to live with people who are of the same or similar mindset: live free, live comfortably and considerately.

a. Guests: just mention they are coming by. I like having people over myself.

b. I cleanse the house regularly because who knows what guests are bringing in the house

with them. No bad vibes please.

c. I'm very strategic and communicate effectively about bills, guests, and cleaning, and


d. I cannot sleep with noise. AT ALL. That's the one "thing" about me. the one Pet-peeve. I

am a VERY light sleeper unfortunately. A/C on 77-78, at night it def is going to about

73. I'm always hot. Yes, I do use a fan too.

e. Smells: yo, no smoking in the house. I'm not mad at it, I might too.. but go outside and

make sure that smell doesn't follow you. I ventilate when I cook. Windows OPEN. my

cultural food can get very pungent... and I don't want your clothes or mine smelling like

curry or so's pwa or jerk chicken or fish. :-)

f. Game nights are important for mental health and happiness :-)

g. Make it a habit to sweep or mop, dust, and clean shared areas once a week personally.

Then, there should be no probs. We don't want roaches and ants.

h. If my economic status decreased, I'd be sure to communicate if there is an impact or

potential impact on rent payment. Never happened, but as an example, I would expect

the same from my roommate. Communication is key.

I. Uptight person? Don't like people? Type A? Please, ignore this ad with peace and love. :-)

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Posted on 15 April 2019