About the room

  • Apartment
  • 1 bedrooms total
  • 1 bedrooms available (Shared Room)
  • 1 bathrooms
  • 3 months minimum stay
  • Available 24 October
  • Furnished
  • TV
  • Wifi

Who lives there

1 male, student, non smokers

Ideal roommates


Room description

Setting/Environment: Dormitory style=Separate beds=Two (2) person per room. Co-ed=Male and female.

NOTE: I have 2 female oommates. At any given time, one or more may move in/out; this is the reason for the advertisement being active. You are welcome to inquire for openings. Your patience and kindness are greatly appreciated. May God bless all of us with that great roommate or dwelling we dream of in our search. Cheers !!!!

DEPOSIT: $0.00 (Zero)

REASON for the deposit: I found out that roommates don't pay their share of the rent on time or complicate roommate life. To avoid headaches, a deposit has been added. Some bad apples mess it up for the good people who can make great roommates. I hope that providing a deposit will encourage you to appreciate the dwelling....

IMPORTANT: Roommate advertisement: 1.) Looking for one roommate only. Space/Opening available: For 1 person only. 2.) Roommate compability is a priority.

PREFERENCE = Female. Female roommates are needed since 3 female roommates are there already. I am a male; the young ladies are more comfortable in having an additional female roommate only. Please be considerate of the young ladies' wishes; thank you.

PLEASE understand that I have 2 other female roommates here; they prefer another female roommate. I hope you take into consideration my female roommates' preference before inquiring. Your kindness and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Ex-roommates are welcome to inquire about reconnecting with your Ex-roommate here.

Important: Please do not get your feelings hurt if I do not answer to your E-Mail(s); I am flooded with potential roommate/requests for information. Your understanding and kindness are greatly appreciated. Good luck to all of us in the search for that ideal room and roommate !!! Thank you.

About me: I attend CalStateLA. Major: Psychology; Senior year. Work: Part-time.

About the place: A nice twin size bed/Monthly. It includes the following: Your share of the rent, WiFi/Internet, Electricity. You buy your own food. Ideal for someone without a car since parking on the city streets is a headache here in Los Angeles. Also, if you do not mind looking for a parking spot on the street for a few minutes;

you are welcome to give it a try if you have car.

Thank you for viewing my advertisement. Good luck to all of us, hosts and roommates alike in the roommate search. Cheers !!!

Additional information: NO pets. Sorry, no space for pets. I love pets; no space available here, literally. Sorry about this pet lovers. NOTE: Good luck to all of us in the search for that ideal dwelling/roommate. Cheers !!! Mario.

Financial transactions: No money wires/transfers: Western Union/Moneygram payments. No advanced payment for reservations for moving in a month or two later. No bank deposits for future rent payments. Agreements are made in person only. I only communicate in person regarding your share of the rent payments. Thank you.

p.s.: Main rule: No visitors day/night, overnight. Reason: Only the occupants who pay their share of the expenses/Approved roommates are allowed in the property/apartment. Leeches NOT allowed !!! Only the approved existing roommates can receive USPS mail/FEDEX/UPS here.

***No leeches*** allowed in this dwelling. If you can follow these rules, you are ready to be a roommate here.

LOCATION: Vermont Ave/Santa Monica Blvd. near Los Angeles City College and the MTA Metro Station. Very convenient for CalstateLA students. I attend CalstateLA; I usually take the Metro to CalstateLA.

Thank you.

p.s.: If you want to be on the lease/rental agreement, it will cost you the following: $1800.00 (Eighteen hundred dollars and 00/100) Reason for mentioning this amount: Recently, after moving into the apartment, some roommates begin to behave in such a way that they begin to make decisions about the apartment as if they own the apartment or as if they earned/paid for the right to make decisions within/for the apartment. Some roommates do not know how to behave properly as roommates: Example: They begin to receive correspondence for 3rd parties/people who do not live in the apartment; they want to bring a relative/friend to join them/to live in the apartment. These are just 2 examples of a roommate's abusive behavior. Abusive roommates begin to act as if they earned the right to do whatever they want with the apartment. As soon as I feel threatened in the ownership of the apartment, you will need to begin the process of moving out or need to start looking for your own apartment. I hope you find this straight to the point and useful in getting along with your future roommate(s) in your new home/dwelling !!!!

Listing ID: H17051962140596

Posted on 28 September 2019