Ideal roommates

from 25 to 26 years old


Currently looking for another roommate (boy or girl) to live with myself and my current roommate Aki.

A little bit about us:

I, Armando, just moved here in January of 2019 and still getting used to the city. Work in advertising and usually have some longer hours. My weekdays consist of waking up early to go to the gym before work and then coming home a little later to cook, eat, watch tv, etc. Don't usually go out too much on the weekdays but will do so occasionally if their is a reason for it. On weekend I like to be social/go out and entertain on some nights.

Aki (25) has been living for 3 years and works a typical 9-5. Similar to me, he takes it easy on weekdays but like to be social on the weekends with friends.

We both get along very well and are looking for someone who can fit in as well. Our current roommate doesn't socialize much or leave his room so we are trying to avoid that. Not saying we have to be best friends but would be nice to have someone else in the house who is willing to go out or just hang out everyone once in awhile. We're also looking for someone who is laid back/brings no drama and is relatively clean (we're not anal about it)

We're looking to be in East Village, LES, Union Square, or Flatiron areas and have budgets of $1500 max each but would prefer less if possible.

Listing ID: L191107185928173

Posted on 7 November 2019